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Author García, B., ; Melville, R., ; Cox, T.,
Title Creating an Impact: Liverpool’s Experience as European Capital of Culture

Garcia, B., Melville, R. and Cox, T. (2010) Creating an Impact: Liverpool’s Experience as European Capital of Culture. Liverpool: Impacts08.

Keywords European Capital of Culture; Urban regeneration; Cultural events; Impact studies; Longitudinal
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Abstract This report is a summary of the key findings of Impacts 08, a programme evaluating the impacts of Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008 (Liverpool ECoC) on the city, wider region and its people. The Liverpool ECoC programme had a total income of £130 million over six years, the highest of any European Capital of Culture to date. The five themes of the research programme were: ‘Cultural access and participation’, ‘Economic and tourism impacts’, ‘Cultural vibrancy and sustainability’, ‘Image and perceptions’, ‘Governance and delivery process’.

Metodology The longitudinal impact analysis of the Liverpool ECoC as delivered by a wide range of stakeholders, covered: - retrospectively Liverpool’s pre-bid period (2000), - bidding and nomination stages (2002-2003), - event lead-up (2004-2007), -event year itself (2008) - and beyond (early 2009). Multidisciplinary analysis combined: – The identification and mapping over time of a series of indicators (clustered around the five themes of the research programme) – In-depth interviews with key stakeholders about the ideas and development of the Liverpool ECoC; from public, private and community sectors and from policy, culture and regeneration backgrounds – A media impact analysis from 1996-2009 – Local area studies which focused on the experiences of local people in diverse parts of the city from 2006-2008 – The development of in-depth studies, both quantitative and qualitative, in response to themes and issues that arose during the research programme – The regular assessment of secondary data collected by partners and other agencies, as well as data from external sources in the region and the rest of the UK. - Multidisciplinary study

Findings From 2005-2008, around 41.000 activities took place including: – 276 highlight events – 21.000 performance and exhibition days – 20.000 workshops and training sessions – An audience of 18 million – 1.000 volunteers giving 7.000 days In 2008 alone: – 7.000+ activities – An audience of 9.8 million – 80% of audiences rated the events ‘good’ or ‘very good’ Cultural access and participation: in 2008, 1/3 of the audience was local, 1/6 from beyond the region, and nearly 5% international; registered a 10% rise each year in arts audiences across Liverpool; 66% of Liverpool residents took part in at least 1 ECoC event. Economic and tourism impacts: the Liverpool ECoC attracted 9.7 million additional visits to Liverpool, constituting 35% of all visits to the city in 2008; of these visits generated an economic impact of £753.8 million Cultural vibrancy and sustainability: Liverpool culture stories have diversified and the sector has developed strong networks Image and perceptions: Events delivered under the Liverpool ECoC brand received over 90% + or neutral coverage throughout this period; by the end of 2008, 65% UK residents were aware that Liverpool was European Capital of Culture Governance and delivery process: The ECoC generated the highest amount of sponsorship and earned income of any ECoC; Liverpool’s ECoC developed an extensive partnership across public, private and third sectors, reflected in a new city-wide cultural strategy for 2008 to 2013.
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Technique Interview; Questionnaire; Construction of indicators; Desk research
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