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Author Hill Strategies , R.,
Title Social Effects of the Arts: Exploratory Statistical Evidence.

Hill Strategies Research (2008, March). Social Effects of the Arts: Exploratory Statistical Evidence. Statistical Insights on the Arts, 6 (4).

Keywords Social impacts; Cultural participation; Statistics
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Abstract This exploratory report examines the relationship between four cultural activities (reading books, attending live performances, visiting art galleries, and attending movie theatres) and various social effects. It also conducts a brief literature review of the subject.

Metodology Cross tabulations with social effects were carried out for each of the cultural activities. The data were drawn from Canada’s General Social Survey of 2005, which had a sample size of about 20,000. Unfortunately, the survey design was split so that only half of the respondents answered questions about cultural activities, and the other half answered questions about social networking and trust. Therefore, it was not possible to cross-tabulate the cultural responses with these factors. However, the factors that were cross-tabulated included volunteering, donating, neighbourhood connections, sense of belonging, enjoyment of social activities, economic participation, and quality of life.

Findings The potential social effects of culture identified in the literature review were:  Volunteering and donating  Neighbourhood connections  Sense of belonging  Social activities  Labour force participation  Quality of life Overall, the report reveals some statistical evidence of a relationship between certain cultural activities and positive social engagement. This is particularly the case for art gallery visitors and book readers. However, the relationship was not as strong for performing arts attendees, and was not statistically significant for movie theatre attendance.
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Technique Questionnaire; Statistical analysis; Cross-tabulation
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