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Author Pareja, M., ; Piqué, J., M.
Title Urban regeneration and the creative knowledge economy: The case of 22@ in Barcelona

Pareja Eastaway, M.; Piqué, J.M. (2011). Urban regeneration and the creative knowledge economy: The case of 22@ in Barcelona. Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, 4: 319-328.

Keywords Creative neighbourhood; Urban regeneration; Innovation; Barcelona; Strategic planning; Top-down approach
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Abstract Barcelona is frequently used as an example of a successful city-region in the international sphere: the ability to transform the city into a desirable place for its quality of life and the capacity to renovate and adapt the local economy to the new global requirements, among others, are key issues for success. Thus, the emergence of the present Barcelona is the consequence of both land and urban regeneration together with creativity, knowledge and innovation as the main targets for the local economy. The ability of the city to cope with global challenges in the local arena responds to a deliberate policy strategy which started long before the celebration of the Olympics. A particular case study, the 22@, shows this example of all-embracing regeneration in a specific location. The aim of this paper is twofold: on the one hand, the importance of the city’s trajectory and the main factors for its success will be explained. On the other, the 22@ case will be developed, paying special attention to the varied regeneration aspects involved. Finally, some reflections will be provided concerning the main future challenges and opportunities for Barcelona.

Metodology Longitudinal analysis of a single case study

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