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Author Jackson, M., R.; Kabwasa‑Green, F., ; Herranz, J.,
Title Cultural vitality in communities: Interpretation and indicators

Jackson, M.R., Kabwasa‑Green F., Herranz J. (2006). Cultural vitality in communities: Interpretation and indicators. Washington, DC: Urban Institute.

Keywords Cultural vitality; Communities; Cultural participation; Arts and culture; Indicators
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Abstract This monograph, part of a series presenting the work of the Urban Institute’s Arts and Culture Indicators Project (ACIP), discusses three major advances in his ongoing work. First, they introduce a definition of cultural vitality that includes the range of cultural assets and activity people around the country register as significant. Specifically, they define cultural vitality as evidence of creating, disseminating, validating, and supporting arts and culture as a dimension of everyday life in communities. Second, they use this definition as a lens through which to clarify his understanding of the data necessary, as well as the more limited data currently available, to document adequately and include arts and culture in more general quality of life indicators. Third, they develop and recommend an initial set of arts and culture indicators derived from nationally available data, and they compare selected metropolitan statistical areas based on the measures they have developed.

Metodology ACIP developed a measurement framework that delineates four domains of inquiry to help capture cultural activity and its role in communities. The first three of these—the presence of opportunities to participate, participation in its multiple dimensions, and support systems for cultural participation—are appropriate for indicator measurement and make possible a more comprehensive understanding of impacts of arts and culture (the fourth domain). They build on his understanding of the first three domains as they operationalize his cultural vitality concept and determine measures that correspond with it.

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Technique Data mining; Document analysis; Construction of indicators
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