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Id 175
Author Australian Expert Group in Industry Studies , AEGIS,
Title Social impacts of Participation in the Arts and Cultural Activities

AEGIS (2005). Social impacts of Participation in the Arts and Cultural Activities. Cultural Ministers Council. Commonwealth of Australia: Australian Expert Group in Industry Studies of the University of Western Sydney.

Keywords Social impact; Arts; Participation; Australia
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Abstract This literature review identifies, collates and evaluates existing applied research on the social impacts of participation in arts and cultural activity. The project focused on the growing body of research work examining the impact of participating in arts and cultural activity on other areas of social interest such as: cognitive skills and educational attainment; community pride/identity; crime prevention; mood; self-esteem; social behaviour; social cohesion; and health. It concludes that there is much anecdotal and informal evidence of positive impacts from arts participation but little data to support the hypotheses.

Metodology The literature review included a total of 104 entries {(87 reports +17 background papers); 41 in the United Kingdom, 20 in the United States of America 19 in Australia, five in Scotland, and two in Canada} outlining the most recent and relevant papers dealing with arts impact research.

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