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Author Goldenberg, R. B.
Title Singing Lessons for Respiratory Health: A Literature Review

Goldenberg, R. B. (2018). Singing lessons for respiratory health: a literature review. Journal of Voice, 32(1), 85-94.

Keywords singing; respiratory health; physiotherapy; voice pedagogy; music therapy
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Abstract Recently, several studies have explored the efficacy of music, and in particular, singing, as an effective psychological and physiological therapy. These benefits have been reinforced by social media through memes and news reports advocating the benefits of singing. With this information, patients with chronic respiratory disease and others with respiratory ailments may seek out opportunities to sing. With evidence that singing can improve respiratory symptoms, the widespread dissemination of this information through traditional and social media, and the possibility that a patient with respiratory disease might seek out private lessons, the role, if any, a private voice teacher might play in the use of singing as a treatment for respiratory disease was explored. In this paper, the current body of research involving singing as a treatment for respiratory health and symptoms are summarized. Themes supporting the use of singing as adjunctive therapy are identified and recommendations were made for the voice teacher who teaches patients with respiratory disease

Metodology The following databases were searched from their inception to April 2016: ERIC, CINAHL, PsycARTICLES, MEDLINE, Academic Search Complete, and ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global. Using the search terms “respiratory,” “pulmonary,” “COPD,” “asthma,” “physical therapy,” “physiotherapy,” “cystic fibrosis,” “bronchiectasis,” in conjunction with “singing,” we found several studies related to singing and chronic respiratory conditions and symptoms. The bibliographies of those articles and dissertations identified were searched for additional relevant articles. To meet inclusion criteria, articles must have been in English, from peer-reviewed journals, used singing as a treatment for respiratory disease and respiratory ailments secondary to disease, and experimental in design. Dissertations needed to be written in English and used singing as a treatment for respiratory disease and respiratory ailments secondary to disease. Seventeen studies met the inclusion criteria and were selected for summary, review, and analysis.

DOI 10.1016/j.jvoice.2017.03.021
Search Database Snowball
Technique Systemic Review; Literature review
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