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Author Ji L.; Liu Z.
Title Analysis of the Effects of Arts and Crafts in Public Mental Health Education Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Ji L.; Liu Z. Analysis of the Effects of Arts and Crafts in Public Mental Health Education Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology,Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2022

Keywords Artificial Intelligence; Health Education; Mental Health; Technology; Universities; article; artificial intelligence; awareness; body position; controlled study; counseling; education; human; human experiment; inheritance; mental health; personality; psychologic test; psychological well-being; sound; teaching; validity; health education; mental health; technology; university
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Abstract Arts and crafts, with their very different styles due to many factors such as times, regions, technologies, and cultures and nationalities, have undergone an extremely long process, and it is only through continuous superimposition, development, and innovation that they have gradually formed the posture of today's arts and crafts. Public mental health education is the main way to promote the psychological health development of the public in colleges and universities at present. And among them, sound personality and good self-awareness is one of the important standards of psychological health of the large public and one of the important tasks of mental health education. As an effective psychological test and treatment method, arts and crafts analysis are an important part of mental health education. It has a certain role in improving the level of self-awareness and promoting the integration of personality. Art and craft analysis has advantages in mental health and educational group counseling that cannot be replaced by other words and activities, so it can be used in mental health education courses. It can be used in teaching self-awareness. In order to combine the development of arts and crafts with the development concept and promotion ideas of public mental health education, this article proposes an analysis of the role of arts and crafts in public mental health education based on artificial intelligence computing to enhance the development of arts and crafts from a new perspective and seek the inheritance and innovation of arts and crafts and public mental health education in the new historical period, and proves the proposed method in the relevant dataset. The validity of the proposed method is demonstrated in the relevant dataset. © 2022 Linchong Ji and Zhiyong Liu.


DOI 10.1155/2022/9201892
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