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Id 212
Author Jancovich, L., ; Bianchini, F.,
Title Problematising participation

Jancovich, L.; Bianchini, F. (2013). Problematising participation. Cultural Trends, 22:2, 63-66.

Keywords Participation; Culture; Public policy
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Abstract ‘Problematising participation’ is an editorial for a special issue (‘Exploring policies on participation and engagement in the arts’) of Cultural Trends, 22, 2, 2013. The special issue was based on the proceedings of a conference on the conditions for participation and engagement in arts activities, held at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 26th June 2012.

Metodology Critical analysis

Findings The main conclusion is that it has become clear that participatory processes often fall short of their articulated aim to provide access to decision-making, hence furnishing a reason also to uncover the ‘myth of participation’. Leila Jancovich’s and Franco Bianchini’s discussion on problematizing participation has a negative view on cultural institutions that blame the individual for lack of engagement. Jancovich and Bianchini (2013:63) cite Malcolm Miles’ deficit model, where issues of audience engagement, or lack thereof, are blamed on the individuals that fall into a “hard to reach” category for geographic and socio-economic reasons, as opposed to policy issues of content, programming and funding. This releases the producers of the artwork from any responsibility regarding public engagement.
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DOI DOI: 10.1080/09548963.2013.783158
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