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Author Wilson A.J.; Staley C.; Davis B.; Anton B.
Title Libraries advancing health equity:a literature review

Wilson A.J.; Staley C.; Davis B.; Anton B. Libraries advancing health equity:a literature review,Reference Services Review 51 1

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Abstract Purpose: Progress toward health equity is necessary to reduce health disparities, and health literacy is key to achieving this goal. Because libraries provide access to knowledge and insights about their communities, they are effective partners in advancing health equity and implementing programs to reduce health disparities. A literature review on library programs and activities that focus on promoting health equity was conducted. Design/methodology/approach: A literature review on library programs and activities concerning health equity and social determinants of health was conducted. Relevant literature was identified from searches of databases, library publications and grey literature. Findings: The authors found 224 eligible sources and many types of libraries advancing health equity. Libraries frame their role in advancing health equity through external programs in three ways: (1) providing access to high-quality health information, (2) delivering health literacy training and resources and (3) connecting their communities with community health services. Libraries also advance health equity by focusing on internal library operations and providing research services focused on cultural humility and competence as they apply to health care. Originality/value: This literature review will help the National Library of Medicine (NLM) develop a strategy to support libraries advancing health equity through information made available by programs and activities of NLM and the Network of the National Library of Medicine. © 2023, Amanda J. Wilson, Catherine Staley, Brittney Davis and Blair Anton.


DOI 10.1108/RSR-09-2022-0037
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