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Author Motovilin O.G.; Saverskaya E.N.; Khairov R.R.
Title Children with diabetes and the social world: problems and opportunities (social health and educational program “Diabetes. Dances. Children”)

Motovilin O.G.; Saverskaya E.N.; Khairov R.R. Children with diabetes and the social world: problems and opportunities (social health and educational program “Diabetes. Dances. Children”),Meditsinskiy Sovet 2022 12

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Abstract Diabetes mellitus (DM) in children has an impact on the social world of the child, changing his environment and his own role. A comprehensive approach to the treatment of diabetes in childhood involves taking into account the characteristics of a grow-ing organism, analyzing socio-psychological factors and individual personality traits. The article analyzes the significant social spheres in which a child’s relationships are built: family, non-family environment (peers and other children, educators, teachers, doctors). Special attention is paid to the negative impact of the Internet and social networks on the formation of opinions and attitudes of a child with diabetes and his parents to doctors and treatment. One of the tasks of DM therapy is to create a social situation that will contribute to the formation of personal qualities in a child that are necessary for managing the disease and maintaining psychological well-being. The tools for implementing this direction are both traditional diabetes schools and prom-ising types of programs with the creation of groups of children involved in active joint activities: artistic, sports, dance, intellec-tual, etc. As an example of an innovative approach to teaching, adaptation and inclusion of children with diabetes in society, the social health and educational program “Diabetes. Dances. Children”, which has been implemented since 2020 in Moscow. The program is attended by 15 children and adolescents with diabetes (5–15 years), diabetes experience from 2 months to 10 years. The features of the program consist in the adaptation of dance and physical activities to the glycemic indices of children in dynamics; participation in the program of children, their family environment and friends; accompanying endocrinologists and clinical psychologists; conducting seminars for children and parents as part of an educational marathon; participation of children in dance competitions and festivals, video filming and various creative events. © 2022, Remedium Group Ltd. All rights reserved.


DOI 10.21518/2079-701X-2022-16-12-71-84
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