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Author Balcombe L.; De Leo D.
Title Linking music streaming platform advertisements with a digital mental health assessment and interventions

Balcombe L.; De Leo D. Linking music streaming platform advertisements with a digital mental health assessment and interventions,Frontiers in Digital Health 4

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Abstract Accessibility issues and low rates of help-seeking hinder engagement with mental health resources and treatment. Pragmatic, (cost-)effective solutions are required to increase engagement with efficacious digital mental health interventions (DMHIs) including for hard-to-reach individuals. As an example, music-based interventions have been positively used in health care to reduce stress, anxiety and depression through music medicine, music therapy and recreational use. Although, enhanced mental health awareness from music listening has yet to be converted into engagement with a DMH assessment (DMHA) and DMHIs. Therefore, a new study is proposed to place linked advertisements on Spotify, the most used music streaming platform. MindSpot's vetted DMHA is suitable to use as an example for linking unto because it measures depression, anxiety, general mental well-being problems and psychological distress in Australian adults and provides access to DMHIs. The primary aim is to provide a convenient, robust and scalable consumer pathway to reduce engagement barriers and maximize facilitation to a vetted DMHA and DMHIs. The proposed study is important because it addresses notorious help-seeking difficulties in the adult population (e.g., young people and men). It also expands outreach to the underserved and the unserved and streamlines the integration of digital solutions with mental health services. 2022 Balcombe and De Leo.


DOI 10.3389/fdgth.2022.964251
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