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Author Liu K.
Title Research on the Intervention Countermeasures and Mental Health Status of College Music Teachers from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Liu K. Research on the Intervention Countermeasures and Mental Health Status of College Music Teachers from the Perspective of Positive Psychology,Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2022

Keywords Health Status; Humans; Mental Health; Music; Psychology, Positive; Universities; Health; College teachers; Colleges and universities; Education systems; Educational levels; Health status; Mental health; Positive psychology; Psychological health; Scientific researches; Teachers'; achievement; article; attention; educational status; human; human experiment; interview; mental health; music; positive psychology; professionalism; psychological counseling; qualitative analysis; quantitative analysis; questionnaire; teacher; health status; mental health; university; Surveys
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Abstract The goal of education is to train people who are well-rounded and educate people with heart through teachers and determine the direction for the growth of life. Psychological education is one of the top ten education systems in colleges and universities. The psychological health of college teachers is the key to teaching and education. Colleges and universities attach great importance to teachers' educational level and scientific research achievements, pay attention to teachers' instrumental value, and pay little attention to teachers' mental health. Therefore, this study aims to study the mental health status and prevention measures of college music teachers from the perspective of positive psychology. By combining the qualitative method with the quantitative method, this study carries out questionnaire survey and interview on "mental health"of music teachers in four universities and then puts forward relevant intervention countermeasures. Research shows that only one-fifth of the teachers believed that they had received psychological counseling from the school and successfully solved their own problems; nearly 60% of music teachers said that the psychological counseling provided by the school lacked pertinence and professionalism, and lacked practical solutions to their own problems. This shows that the psychological intervention strategies adopted by Chinese colleges and universities for music teachers are far from the expected results. © 2022 Keshuang Liu.


DOI 10.1155/2022/9133979
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