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Author Li G.
Title Probe into the Role of Music Therapy in Workplace Health Management

Li G. Probe into the Role of Music Therapy in Workplace Health Management,Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2022

Keywords Humans; Music Therapy; Workplace; Human resource management; Occupational risks; Health management; Music therapy; Pressure source; Pressure studies; Specific problems; Speed up; State of tension; Work pressures; Work task; Workplace health; article; cognition; controlled study; employee; health care management; human; human experiment; music therapy; perception; physiological stress; tension; velocity; work environment; worker; workplace; Health
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Abstract With the rapid development of modern society, the rhythm of people's life and work is also forced to speed up. Stress from various fields makes people's health worse and worse. There are all kinds of pressures, and everyone in the torrent of the times has to face them. All kinds of pressures include life pressure, study pressure, and work pressure. Work pressure mainly comes from the pressure source, the individual's cognition of the pressure source, and the state of tension. Once too much work pressure is generated, it will bring unnecessary trouble to employees' lives and work and will also affect the company's interests. How to effectively alleviate work pressure is a problem that we urgently need to solve now. Specific problems are analyzed in detail. First, analyze the causes of work pressure. First, the pressure source is identified, and the pressure source generally exists objectively. It generally includes heavy work tasks, long working hours, and frequent job transfers. It is not easy to go through the employees themselves. Second is change, so this requires changing the individual's perception of the source of stress and the state of tension. In the continuous practice and research process of predecessors, some effective methods have been found, and music therapy is one of many methods, and music therapy has a wider range of effects and longer-lasting effects. This article mainly introduces how to effectively use music therapy in the work environment. It also includes a specific analysis of specific problems. The employees are mainly divided into mental workers and manual workers, and they are provided with different music therapy programs. The role of music therapy in workplace health management is such that it can effectively alleviate the work pressure of employees, enhance the feelings between employees, and improve the work efficiency of employees. Finally, the paper is summarized. © 2022 Gang Li.


DOI 10.1155/2022/9999905
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