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Author Smith C.P., George D.
Title When is advertising a plastic surgeon’s individual “brand” unethical?

Smith C.P., George D.; When is advertising a plastic surgeon’s individual “brand” unethical? ;AMA Journal of Ethics vol:20 issue: 4 page:372.0

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Abstract Advertising a plastic surgery practice on social media is fraught with both practical and ethical challenges. We use an institutional betrayal framework to explore the range of potential harms to patient well-being while also considering the pitfalls of social media activity, especially marketing, for practitioners. We also give consideration to the relative benefits that such online patient-clinician relationships can provide. In our analysis, we draw on specific examples of plastic surgery procedures prominently featured on social media, including the Vampire Facelift ® Copyright 2018 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.


DOI 10.1001/journalofethics.2018.20.4.msoc2-1804
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