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Author Ameri F., Vazifeshenas N., Haghparast A.
Title The impact of audio book on the elderly mental health

Ameri F., Vazifeshenas N., Haghparast A.; The impact of audio book on the elderly mental health ;Basic and Clinical Neuroscience vol:8 issue: 5.0 page:361.0

Keywords Audio book; Bibliotherapy; Mental disorders; Mental health
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Abstract Introduction: The growing elderly population calls mental health professionals to take measures concerning the treatment of the elderly mental disorders. Today in developed countries, bibliotherapy is used for the treatment of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effects of audio book on the elderly mental health of Retirement Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Methods: This experimental study was conducted on 60 elderly people participated in 8 audio book presentation sessions, and their mental health aspects were evaluated through mental health questionnaire (SCL-90-R). Data were analyzed using SPSS 24. Results: Data analysis revealed that the mean difference of pretest and posttest of control group is less than 5.0, so no significant difference was observed in their mental health, but this difference was significant in the experimental group (more than 5.0). Therefore, a significant improvement in mental health and its dimensions have observed in elderly people participated in audio book sessions. This therapeutic intervention was effective on mental health dimensions of paranoid ideation, psychosis, phobia, aggression, depression, interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, obsessivecompulsive and somatic complaints. Conclusion: Considering the fact that our population is moving toward aging, the obtained results could be useful for policy makers and health and social planners to improve the health status of the elderly.


DOI 10.18869/NIRP.BCN.8.5.361
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