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Author McMillin D.C.
Title Television, gender, and labor in the global city

McMillin D.C.; Television, gender, and labor in the global city ;Journal of Communication vol:53.0 issue: 3.0 page:496.0

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Abstract Situated within a critical, feminist approach to development communication, this study examines the role of television advertising among unskilled female factory laborers in Bangalore, India. Ethnographic fieldwork spanning the summers of 1997 and 2000 showed that factory labor awards the female worker a degree of autonomy and purchasing power in the short term, but denies her long-term empowerment because her labor is fragmented and made dispensable by the very nature of capitalist discipline. Through a discussion of gender, labor, and television in the global city, the analysis concludes that participatory communication and further ethnographic analyses are essential for long-lasting policy and social action.


DOI 10.1093/joc/53.3.496
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