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Id 852
Author Eerola P.-S., Eerola T.
Title Extended music education enhances the quality of school life

Eerola P.-S., Eerola T.; Extended music education enhances the quality of school life ;Music Education Research vol:16 issue: 1.0 page:88

Keywords extended music education; music education; quality of school life; social benefits
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Abstract The claim of whether music education can create social benefits in the school environment was tested in 10 Finnish schools with an extended music curricular class and control classes. The quality of school life (QSL) was assessed by a representative sample (N=735) of pupils at years 3 and 6 (9-and 12-years-olds). The results showed that extended music education enhances the QSL, particularly in areas related to general satisfaction about the school and a sense of achievement and opportunity for students. Differences related to the schools and gender did not account for the results. A follow-up study examined whether the increase in critical QSL variables was related to music. This analysis utilised data from other classes (N=98) with an extended curriculum (sports and visual arts). These classes did not confer similar benefits. Overall, the results imply that extended music education has a positive effect on the social aspects of schooling. © 2013 Taylor and Francis.


DOI 10.1080/14613808.2013.829428
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