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Author Phillips R.
Title Design insights for socially-led interventions

Phillips R.; Design insights for socially-led interventions ;Journal of Design, Business and Society vol:5.0 issue: 1.0 page:7.0

Keywords Design approaches; Design for agency; Financially sustainable; Not-for-profit; Product architecture; Socially-led design
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Abstract Design has become an accessible tool for organizations to create impactful outputs. These topics have diverged from mere retail to include: economic prospects, technological paradigms, social empowerment, sustainable resources, citizen-led opportunities and challenges that cross demographics, societies and cultures. Accessible technologies and the reduction of barriers to pilot funding have (in part) enabled the advancement of these socially-led responses through design. ‘Enablers’ take many forms including: digital manufacturing, accessible hardware, design platforms and smart technologies, all challenging what ‘designed products’ are as the ‘product’ is a social impact or intervention. The work mines embedded knowledge from successful award-winning organizations, which have not publically shared their unique insights. The work analyses an interview series of 60 plus CEOs, founders and co-founders of socially-led organizations with both design and non-design origins. The work identifies socially-led design ‘architectures’, highlighting issues, lessons and transferable insights. The study includes global organizations occupying territories of: not-for-profits, commercial practices, grass roots organizations, science practitioners, community-led ventures and intellectual property enterprises, selected from leading awards. The article identifies insights leading towards ‘socially-led product architecture’, and repeatable lessons, for non-design and design audiences. © 2019 Intellect Ltd Article.


DOI 10.1386/dbs.5.1.7_1
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