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Author Collette N.
Title Art therapy and cancer Arteterapia y cáncer

Collette N.; Art therapy and cancer Arteterapia y cáncer ;Psicooncologia vol:8 issue: 1.0 page:81.0

Keywords Art therapy; Cancer; Comprehensive care; Empowerment; Identity; Palliative care
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Abstract Art and in particular visual arts are an integral part of cultures, giving expression to thoughts, feelings, desires and values. Throughout natural evolution they survived in the human conscience, contributing to develop a wide sense of well-being; and as a remedy to partially compensate unhappiness, such as illness and suffering. In modern times, art therapy has arisen from these fundamental premises and establishes the intervention based on the therapeutic value the intrinsic creative art process may confer to the person in crisis. Numerous benefits from art therapy have been documented in cancer, such as the expression of emotions, specially giving voice to feelings hard to express. It increases relaxation and communication, contributes to reduce pain, allows bearing of stressing experiences, promotes self-control feelings and increases self-esteem. It helps develop a greater understanding about the personal situation, contributing to adaptation and the finding of meaning to what is being lived. In other words, it promotes post-traumatic growth. A literature review of the main art therapy studies at different stages of the oncological disease trajectory is provided. The benefits of art therapy are thoroughly discussed from a palliative care perspective, as well as benefits in bereavement and healthcare personnel burnout prevention. Artwork created by patients is presented to illustrate the therapeutic value in the clinical field of cancer.


DOI 10.5209/rev_PSIC.2011.v8.n1.7
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