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Id 105
Author Azevedo, M.,
Title The evaluation of the social impacts of culture: culture, arts and development

Azevedo, M. (2016). The evaluation of the social impacts of culture : culture, arts and development. Economics and Finance. Université Panthéon-Sorbonne - Paris I.

Keywords culture; arts; development; impacts; social effects; community
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Abstract The study is focused in two particular and different cases, where the external factors are determinants to the aim plotted. The first case is about European Capital of Culture 2012 (Guimarães, Portugal), and the increase of tourism with its own dynamics, both positive and negative. The second case is about a program that works in the megacity of Sao Paulo. This case has many external variables like quantity of people, traffic, security and other kind of issues have big incidences in the social and economic environment.

Metodology "Consultation of research which has been already produced on the social impact assessment of cultural sector activities covered studies conducted since the beginning of the 90’s and until the present year (2016). These were collected through a search for the terms ‘cultural impact,’ ‘art impact,’ and ‘social impact of the arts/culture.’ Within these coordinates of time and concepts a selection of 46 references was found for the analysis. A critical assessment of each reference was made to produce an outline of the work done so far on key topics."

Technique Literature review

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