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Author Jeannotte, M., S.
Title Singing alone? The contribution of cultural capital to social cohesion and sustainable communities

Jeannotte, M.S. (2003). Singing alone? The contribution of cultural capital to social cohesion and sustainable communities. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 9(1): 35-49.

Keywords Cultural capital; Social capital; Social cohesion; Sustainable communities
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Abstract In this article, the author focuses on the linkages between personal investments in culture and the propensity to volunteer, using data from the Canadian General Social Survey 1998. The analysis cites research on social capital by Putnam and on cultural capital by Bourdieu as the conceptual framework and situates this work within a social ecology framework that views social spaces as dynamic systems or networks within which individuals are constantly subjected to experiences and take actions that modify these spaces or fields. These interactions have both individual and collective impacts. The author argues that different types of cultural participation have an impact on the quality of social capital.

Metodology Analysis of data from the Canadian Social Survey 1998.

Technique Literature review; Cross-tabulation

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