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Author Harland, J., ; Kinder , K., ; Hartley, K.,
Title Arts in their view. A study of youth participation in the arts.

Harland, J.; Kinder, K.; Hartley, K. (1995). Arts in their view. A study of youth participation in the arts. Slough (UK): National Foundation for Educational Research.

Keywords Youth; Cultural participation; Arts engagement; England; Individual impacts
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Abstract The study intention was to provide empirical evidence, which could inform future planning and policy-making relating to young people’s engagement with the arts (the first national approach in the UK). The study objectives: assess different patterns and experiences of youth involvement in the arts and examine these in relation to demographic characteristics of young people; identify successful and sustained engagement in the arts and evaluate factors which are perceived to inhibit and facilitate it; analyse young people’s attitudes to youth arts participation; highlight perceived need and opportunities in the arts which remain unfulfilled.

Metodology The data for the study was collected through a large-scale interviewing programme in 1993, which involved young people between the ages of 14 and 24 in five regions of England, completing a sample of 700 young people. “Interviewing was selected as the most appropriate data collection method because of its capacity to capture the views and experiences of young people from all walks of life and backgrounds” (Harland, Kinder, and Hartley 1995:16) According to each of the 5 regions a quota sampling was constructed on the basis of key variables. Sample was random approach in schools, colleges, universities, employing organisations, public houses, public transport, street and youth clubs. As, in the end, the sample had a disproportionate distribution of the population as a whole (in some areas), the results presented are based on weighted results. Duration of interviews from 25 minutes to 1h20 minutes. Some interviews were recorded for qualitative analysis. Statistical analysis to treat the interviews. Case studies exposing the stories of arts engagement along the years were constructed for 14 respondents according to interviews results. - Qualitative study

Technique Interview; Statistical analysis

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