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Author Cultures for Cities and Regions , R.,
Title Future creative cities. Why culture is a smart investment in cities.

Cultures for Cities and Regions (2017). Future creative cities. Why culture is a smart investment in cities. Retrieved from

Keywords Culture; Cities; Societies; Cultural policies
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Abstract Culture for Cities and Regions is a three-year project led by EUROCITIES in collaboration with KEA, in collaboration with ERRIN. The project produced a catalogue of 70 case studies, organized 15 thematic study visits and provided expert coaching for 10 cities/regions. Funded under the EU’s creative Europe programme, it aimed to take stock of existing practices all over Europe to exchange and promote transfer of knowledge, to better understand successful cases of cultural investment, and to go into the details of policy planning and implementation.

Metodology During this three-year initiative, the project: 1. has produced a catalogue of 71 case studies developing and expanding on the knowledge base of city-driven initiatives in the field of culture and creative industries 2. organised 15 thematic study visits all around Europe 3. provided expert coaching for 10 selected cities/regions

Technique Observation; Case studies; Visits; Workshop

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