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Id 2150
Author Li C.-W.; Chiu C.-J.
Title Incorporating gerontological and geriatrics information into picture books for 9-12 year-old children: A stakeholder engagement design

Li C.-W.; Chiu C.-J. Incorporating gerontological and geriatrics information into picture books for 9-12 year-old children: A stakeholder engagement design,Gerontology and Geriatrics Education 44 1

Keywords Aged; Books; Focus Groups; Geriatrics; Humans; Narration; Stakeholder Participation; aged; article; child; clinical article; controlled study; education; female; geriatrics; gerontology; human; human experiment; interview; language; literacy; male; narrative; qualitative analysis; school child; stakeholder engagement; statistical significance; theoretical study; book; education; information processing; stakeholder engagement; verbal communication
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Abstract This study explored the preferences of different stakeholders when translating geriatrics and gerontology concepts into children’s picture books, with the aim of developing a feasible model. Following the stakeholder engagement design and qualitative method, three types of stakeholders were enrolled: medical and educational professionals (n = 9), older adults aged over 65 (n = 9), and children aged 9 to 12 (n = 7). Individual interviews and focus groups were used to collect the views of the stakeholders as a basis for revising the picture book, as well as to analyze the opinions of different stakeholders. Results show that medical professionals’ recommendations focused on intellectual content (18.0%) and written verbal narratives (16.5%). Education experts tended to recommend textual verbal narratives (18.8%) and storyline (6.0%). Older adults’s suggestions focused on story content (6.8%) and included detailed descriptions of older adults. Children’s suggestions were focused on plot arrangement (2.3%) and text size (2.3%). Mean scores for the appropriateness of the three picture book materials increased after the stakeholder engagement, with the communication literacy picture book achieved statistical significance (p = .042). It is concluded that the stakeholder engagement design is a viable development model for achieving intergenerational understanding, realistic and theoretical goals, and bridging heterogeneity across the stakeholders. © 2021 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.



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