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Id 2202
Author Eckardt F.; Alsadaty A.
Title Urban Heritage in Transformation: Physical and Non-Physical Dimensions of Changing Contexts

Eckardt F.; Alsadaty A. Urban Heritage in Transformation: Physical and Non-Physical Dimensions of Changing Contexts,Urban Planning 8 1

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Abstract Urban heritage is at the core of the process of many changes observable in the cities today. The pace of urban change in heritage contexts, however, differs widely across the globe. In some areas, it goes slowly, in others it is astonishingly rapid. In some cases, change is coupled with risks of erosion of heritage and urban areas of value and in others change is synonymous with prosperity and positive impacts. Change in urban heritage areas is not only confined to the physical and tangible aspects, but needs to be regarded as mirroring changes related socio-political practices, economic implications, and cultural impacts. In this regard, the present thematic issue looks at various patterns of the interrelationship between heritage and urban change from both the physical and the non-physical perspectives. This editorial presents the topic of urban heritage and patterns of physical and non-physical transformation in urban heritage contexts and introduces the thematic issue “Urban Heritage and Patterns of Change: Spatial Practices of Physical and Non-Physical Transformation.”. © 2023 by the author(s); licensee Cogitatio (Lisbon, Portugal).



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