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Id 2204
Author Rodwell D.
Title Inhabited historic cities, urban heritage, and dissonances at the heart of the World Heritage system

Rodwell D. Inhabited historic cities, urban heritage, and dissonances at the heart of the World Heritage system,European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies 12

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Abstract Urban heritage constitutes the major unresolved challenge facing conservation theorists and practitioners in this 21st century. Inhabited historic cities lie at the intersection of human geography, territorial and detailed urban planning, economic development, delim-ited heritage agendas, and global environmental and sustainability priorities. By the third quarter of the 20th century – from roots traced from the Italian Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment in Europe – cultural heritage orthodoxy became systematised and insti-tutionalised with the aspiration to establish and promote universal principles for the protection and conservation of designated heritage assets. Notably in the context of the world’s diversity and wealth of inhabited historic cities, the core premise has been chal-lenged from multiple directions, including contradictions at the heart of the World Heritage system. As we mark the 50th anniversary of the 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, this paper interrogates this co-nundrum from first principles. © 2022, Societa Archeologica. All rights reserved.



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