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Id 2210
Author Fredriksson P.G.; Gupta S.K.; Zhao W.; Wollscheid J.R.
Title Legal heritage and urban slums

Fredriksson P.G.; Gupta S.K.; Zhao W.; Wollscheid J.R. Legal heritage and urban slums,Journal of Regional Science 63 1

Keywords Cameroon; colonialism; correlation; developing world; land use; legislation; regression analysis; urban housing
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Abstract This paper studies the effect of legal origins (common law vs. civil law) on contemporary slum formation in developing countries. First, we provide a cross-country correlation analysis. Second, we provide a regression discontinuity analysis using household data from Cameroon. The results suggest that a common law heritage is associated with a lower probability of slum conditions. The legal philosophies transplanted through colonization appear to be associated with the pattern of contemporary urban housing stocks in developing countries. © 2022 Wiley Periodicals LLC.



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