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Id 2268
Author Zhou X.; Yu X.
Title Value Cognition and Practice Exploration of Public Library Health Service

Zhou X.; Yu X. Value Cognition and Practice Exploration of Public Library Health Service,Journal of Library Science in China 48 4

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Abstract The methods of health promotion and health service demands in the era of Great Health will form a new concept of maintaining and promoting health with information. Establishing ideas facing demands directly building capacity and transforming services are the inevitable process that public libraries will go through in response to the challenges. This paper attempt to explain 1 Why the public library is an essential and important facility to carry out health services and how its service is value and 2 What health service practical experience have been carried out in public libraries and can be used for reference. Based on the study of the role of information on health by literature research network research and data analysis this paper investigated international organizations IFLA library association ALA social organizations OCLC and government agencies CDC to explain the multi-dimensional cognition of the health value of the library. This paper probed into the 218 health service projects of 166 public libraries funded by the Network of the National Library of Medicine NNLM analyzed and summarized the service contents and types. This paper refined the practical experiences of health service in public libraries and showed 15 items of activity with examples. Results 1 Public library is the closest social welfare institution to the general public. It has always been committed to respecting inclusiveness and diversity providing fair and shared information for the general public to improve national literacy. In the determined direction public library can further expand the original health service and carry out for the public. 2 Information is talisman for public health. 3 Multidimensional analysis shows the important role of public libraries in promoting health. We need to re-examine the role of libraries in health and promote public libraries to become an important social institution to promote public health. 4 The health service practices of public libraries include promoting the dissemination and utilization of high-quality health information resources integrating and developing services of health information resources enriching the collection of health developing health kits equipped with health information experts promoters of national health projects and medical and health experts establishing health information center holding daily activities to promote public health establishing health information kiosks providing available electronic equipment for health services improving the cognitive level and service ability of health service staff disseminating health knowledge and training the public cooperating with the community medical institutions and other partners to hold health outreach activities. 1 tab. 21 refs. © 2022, Editorial Office of Journal of Library Science in China. All rights reserved.



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