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Id 2339
Author Campbell A.
Title User Experience (UX) Librarianship and Health Sciences Libraries (HSLs)

Campbell A. User Experience (UX) Librarianship and Health Sciences Libraries (HSLs),Medical Reference Services Quarterly 41 1

Keywords Humans; Librarians; Libraries, Medical; Library Science; Medicine; human; librarian; library; library science; medicine
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Abstract This article provides the results of an investigation into how health sciences librarians with user experience (UX) duties describe their roles and initiatives. Through an online survey, 40 respondents provided details on institutional demographics, work plans, participant recruitment, and data collection. Four interviews were also conducted. This investigation provides perspectives on UX within the health sciences library (HSL) environment including barriers and successes. It is hoped that the results of this article will influence research into timely and efficient UX initiatives within HSLs and provide librarians, staff, and administrators the information they need to support decision making. © 2022 The Author(s). Published with license by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.



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