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Author Yan H.
Title Career Development Anxiety and Mental Health Regulation of University Music Teachers

Yan H. Career Development Anxiety and Mental Health Regulation of University Music Teachers,Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2022

Keywords Anxiety; China; Humans; Mental Health; Music; Universities; Health; Occupational risks; Surveys; Career development; Colleges and universities; Health regulations; Mental health; Normal state; Occupational stress; Questionnaire surveys; Teachers in colleges and universities; Teachers'; University teachers; adult; anxiety; article; atmosphere; career; China; controlled study; human; job stress; mental health; music; questionnaire; teacher; anxiety; psychology; university; Employment
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Abstract Mental health essentially refers to a state of mind. It means that an individual can keep a good or normal state in behavior. It is not only related to the overall development of the individual body and mind but also affects the construction of university teachers. This paper mainly studies the career development anxiety of music teachers in colleges and universities in China, analyzes its causes, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to alleviate the pressure and promote the physical and mental harmony of music teachers and the common growth of a good social atmosphere. The purpose is to help music teachers in colleges and universities better manage their mental health. This paper collects the data of occupational stress and mental health of 164 music teachers in many colleges and universities through the method of a questionnaire survey and processes the data with the analysis formula of sample variance and standard deviation. The analysis shows that a considerable number of the respondents have career development anxiety. © 2022 Hua Yan.



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