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Id 534
Author Nielsen J.H., Overgaard C.
Title Healing architecture and Snoezelen in delivery room design: A qualitative study of womens birth experiences and patient-centeredness of care

Nielsen J.H., Overgaard C.; Healing architecture and Snoezelen in delivery room design: A qualitative study of womens birth experiences and patient-centeredness of care ;BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth vol:20.0 issue: 1 page:

Keywords Birth environment; Birth experience; Hospital design; Patient-centered care; Qualitative methods; Semi-structured interviews
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Abstract Background: The physical place and environment has a profound influence on experiences, health and wellbeing of birthing women. An alternatively designed delivery room, inspired by the principles of healing architecture and Snoezelen, was established in a Danish regional hospital. These principles provided knowledge of how building and interior design affects the senses, including users pain experience and stress levels. The aim of the study was to explore womens experience of the environment and its ability to support the concept of patient-centeredness in the care of birthing women. Methods: Applying a hermeneutical-phenomenological methodology, fourteen semi-structured interviews with low-risk women giving birth in an alternative delivery room at an obstetric unit in Denmark were undertaken 3-7 weeks after birth. Results: Overall, womens experiences of given birth in the alternative delivery room were positive. Our analysis suggests that the environment was well adapted to the womens needs, as it offered a stress- and anxiety-reducing transition to the hospital setting, at the same time as it helped them obtain physical comfort. The environment also signaled respect for the familys needs as it supported physical and emotional interaction between the woman and her partner and helped relieve her concern for the partners well-being. The psychosocial support provided by the midwives appeared inseparable from the alternative delivery room, as both affected, amplified, and occasionally restricted the womens experience of the physical environment. Conclusion: Our findings support the use of principles of healing architecture and Snoezelen in birth environments and add to the evidence on how the physical design of hospital environments influence on both social and physical aspects of the well-being of patients. The environment appeared to encompass several dimensions of the concept of patient-centered care. © 2020 The Author(s).



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