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Id 542
Author Venerandi A., Quattrone G., Capra L.
Title City form and well-being: What makes London neighborhoods good places to live?

Venerandi A., Quattrone G., Capra L.; City form and well-being: What makes London neighborhoods good places to live? ;GIS: Proceedings of the ACM International Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems vol: issue: page:

Keywords Open Data; Quantitative Analysis; Urban Form; Well-being
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Abstract What is the relationship between urban form and citizens well-being? In this paper, we propose a quantitative approach to help answer this question, inspired by theories developed within the fields of architecture and population health. The method extracts a rich set of metrics of urban form and well-being from openly accessible datasets. Using linear regression analysis, we identify a model which can explain 30% of the variance of well-being when applied to Greater London, UK. Outcomes of this research can inform the discussion on how to design cities which foster the wellbeing of their residents. © 2016 ACM.



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