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Author Khandelwal D., Kalra N., Tyagi R., Khatri A., Gupta K.
Title Control of anxiety in pediatric patients using "tell show do" method and audiovisual distraction

Khandelwal D., Kalra N., Tyagi R., Khatri A., Gupta K.; Control of anxiety in pediatric patients using "tell show do" method and audiovisual distraction ;Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice vol:19 issue: 9.0 page:1058.0

Keywords Anxiety; Audiovisual distraction; First dental visit
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Abstract Introduction: Visiting a dentist can easily evoke strong fear reactions and acute anxiety in children. It is one of the most basic reasons for avoidance and neglect of dental care. It may obstruct delivery of dental care, as the child may be unwilling to accept the treatment being provided by the dentist. Aim: To evaluate and compare reduction in anxiety level in patients undergoing dental treatment at first dental visit. Technique: The study was conducted on 400 patients coming to the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, for their first dental visit. Anxiety was recorded using facial image scale (FIS), Venham's picture test (VPT), blood pressure, pulse rate (PR), and oxygen saturation (SpO 2 ) at different stages of the visit. Patients coming for the first dental visit were subjected to restorative treatment under Tell show do (TSD) method and audiovisual distraction (AVD). The data collected were tabulated and subjected to statistical analysis. Conclusion: The AVD was found to be more capable in reducing anxiety than TSD. Combination of TSD and AVD had an additive effect in reduction of anxiety level and it proved to be more beneficiary. Clinical significance: If a child's behavior in the dental office cannot be managed, then it is difficult to hold out any dental treatment that is needed. Bringing positivity in the child's behavior would not only increase efficiency of work but would also make the experience for child undergoing treatment more pleasant. © The Journal Of The Contemporary Dental Practice.



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