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Id 703
Author Konrath S.
Title Museums as Weavers of the Invisible Strings that Connect us

Konrath S.; Museums as Weavers of the Invisible Strings that Connect us ;Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association vol:68 issue: 4.0 page:327

Keywords art museums; empathy; evidence-based practices; individualism; meaning; narcissism; social and emotional needs; Temporal trends; trust
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Abstract This paper reviews the scientific research literature on changes over time in social connection and self-focus in the United States. It discusses the implications of these changes for the need for meaning, and in terms of mental health trends in the US. It then suggests that art museums can play a critical role in helping communities re-connect, by reenvisioning their roles as meaning makers in atime when people’s existential needs are threatened. It ends by providing specific suggestions that art museums can try to re-connect people in their communities. © 2019, © 2019 Sara Konrath.



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