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Author Saavedra J., Arias S., Crawford P., Pérez E.
Title Impact of creative workshops for people with severe mental health problems: art as a means of recovery

Saavedra J., Arias S., Crawford P., Pérez E.; Impact of creative workshops for people with severe mental health problems: art as a means of recovery ;Arts and Health vol:10 issue: 3 page:241.0

Keywords Mental health; museum; recovery; schizophrenia; visual arts
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Abstract Background: In line with recovery theories, psychosocial programmes for people diagnosed with severe mental illness (SMI) should focus more on well-being and social connectivity outcomes rather than clinical symptoms. This paper assesses the impact of creative workshops participation on the psychological well-being, social connectivity and subjective experience of people diagnosed with SMI. Method: After participating in a creative workshop in a museum, 19 people, including service users, keyworkers, the art facilitator and a psychologist were interviewed. Four observers participated in the workshop and provided information about the creative process by means of a discussion group. Data were analysed in accordance with thematic analysis methodology and triangulated in order to obtain reliability. Results: Five essential categories were identified: learning process, social connection, psychological well-being, institutional change and mutual recovery. Conclusions: Creative activities may cause a transformation of the image of dysfunction associated with mental illness as well as promoting health and recovery. © 2018, © 2018 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.



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