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Author Pérez-Sáez, E.; Cabrero-Montes, E., M.; Llorente-Cano, M.; González-Ingelmo, E.
Title A pilot study on the impact of a pottery workshop on the well-being of people with dementia.

Pérez-Sáez, E., Cabrero-Montes, E. M., Llorente-Cano, M., & González-Ingelmo, E. (2018). A pilot study on the impact of a pottery workshop on the well-being of people with dementia. Dementia, 18, 1471301218814634.

Keywords dementia; non-pharmacological therapies; creative arts; pottery; well-being; art crafts
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Abstract This study seeks to assess the impact of a pottery workshop as a creative arts programme and discover the extent to which people with dementia taking part in an artistic and creative activity engage with it, experience a feeling of well-being, and improve their mood state. In addition, the study will seek to answer the question of whether taking part in a programme of creative activities improves the self-esteem of people with dementia.

Metodology The research used an uncontrolled, repeated measures design. Thirty users of the National Reference Centre for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care in Salamanca (Spain) in a moderate to advanced stage of dementia (Global Deterioration Scale 4, 5, or 6) were divided into five intervention groups that received ten 45-minute sessions in which they were helped by facilitators to make different ceramic pieces. The participants were assessed before and after the intervention with a self-esteem scale, and they rated their mood before and after the sessions on a graphic scale. During the art sessions, two observers recorded the presence of multiple indicators of well-being.

Technique Global Deteroration Scale; Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale; Greater Cincinnati Chapter Well-Being Observation Tool; Smiley-Face Assessment Scale

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