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Id 99
Author Matarasso, F.,
Title A restless art. How participation won, and why it matters.

Matarasso, F. (2019). A restless art. How participation won, and why it matters. Lisbon and London: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Keywords community; participatory art; social impact; empowerment
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Abstract A Restless Art is about community and participatory art. It’s about what those practices are, how people think about them, why they’re done and what happens as a result. It’s called ‘a restless art’ because this work is unstable, changing and contested. It involves a range of ideas and practices. It crackles with artistic, political, ethical and philosophical tensions that give it life, energy and creativity. They make it matter in people’s lives.

Metodology Interviews with artists from different territorial contexts during different visits to participatory art projects

Technique Interview; Case studies; Visits

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