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Author Jancovich, L., ; Bianchini, F.,
Title Problematising participation
Jancovich, L.; Bianchini, F. (2013). Problematising participation. Cultural Trends, 22:2, 63-66.

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Abstract ‘Problematising participation’ is an editorial for a special issue (‘Exploring policies on participation and engagement in the arts’) of Cultural Trends, 22, 2, 2013. The special issue was based on the proceedings of a conference on the conditions for participation and engagement in arts activities, held at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 26th June 2012.


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The partnership nature of the projects also provides an opportunity for the cultural sector to not only improve access to the arts in areas characterised by high levels of social, economic and cultural exclusion, but also to contribute to broader policy agendas, in relation to increasing civic engagement, social diversity and improving health and well-being. .
It has also been argued that higher levels of cultural engagement and participation help to raise self-confidence, and improve the organisational focus of local community groups (Dodd, Graves, & Taws, 2008). .