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Author Zhang, Y.; Tzortzopoulos, P.; Kagioglou, M.
Title Healing built-environment effects on health outcomes: environment–occupant–health framework.
Zhang, Y., Tzortzopoulos, P., & Kagioglou, M. (2019). Healing built-environment effects on health outcomes: Environment–occupant–health framework. Building Research & Information, 47(6), 747-766.

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Abstract An investigation examined the structured scientific evidence on healthcare facilities (the healing built environment – HBE) and its impact on patients’ health outcomes under a holistic conceptual evaluative framework. The integrative review considered 127 papers (of which 59 were review papers). It found there was no adequate framework that could integrate existing research findings holistically. Such a holistic framework needs to demonstrate the cumulative and interactive effects of various HBE characteristics on patients’ health outcomes and wellbeing. An environment–occupant–health (E-O-H) framework is proposed, taking a holistic perspective to identify and evaluate different HBE characteristics. The E-O-H framework should support future research by (1) identifying the HBE characteristics that affect health outcomes; (2) defining appropriate future research designs; and (3) understanding the need for holistic analysis of the integrated effects of diverse HBE characteristics on health outcomes


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A relaxing atmosphere has the potential to reduce anxiety and depression. .
Furthermore, it affects the perception ofa coloured display and/ or wayfinding sign, which are efficient in alleviating stress levels (relaxing atmosphere). .
It is described as healthcare buildings that (1) reduce the stress levels for all healthcare building users; and (2) promote health benefits for users. .
comfortable environment: to ensure the provision of continuous comfort, physiologically and psychologically, for occupants . .
relaxing atmosphere: healthcare environments can be stressful, hence appropriate sensory stimulation for given situations in spaces can strengthen the positive (and/or weaken the negative) impacts The term holistic refers to the fact that the framework supports the consideration of the interactive effects of various HBE factors. .