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Author Walwema J.
Title Digital notebooks: Composing with open access
Walwema J.; Digital notebooks: Composing with open access ;Thinking Globally, Composing Locally: Rethinking Online Writing in the Age of the Global Internet vol: issue: page:15

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Abstract Online media have brought previously disparate communities together and have altered how people around the globe interact. Complicated problems now profit from degrees of collaboration never before possible, and the writing classroom can create opportunities for learning with online media in this context. Using online media such as digital notebooks can facilitate dialogic inquiry where participants can interact with peers from other cultures as they compose locally for global readerships. This chapter relates promises and challenges of such multicultural composing processes in digital spaces. © 2018 by University Press of Colorado.


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What sorts of intercultural communication competencies must we develop and foster? .
Thus, maximizing the potential of writing online in global contexts involves connecting in ways that build a continually interacting community around a shared area of interest. .
When done effectively, online composing is ideally suited for creating greater global communities around shared interests and objectives. .
Audiences today are often large and diverse; they also have the potential to be relatively interactive. .