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Piper C.; Wilairat S.


Graduate library student interest in health sciences graduate employment positions: A think aloud study

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Piper C.; Wilairat S. Graduate library student interest in health sciences graduate employment positions: A think aloud study,Journal of Academic Librarianship 48 6

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Abstract Objectives: There is a lack of information about what Master of Library Science students are looking for in graduate employment positions in a library. Little is known about how students select graduate employment positions to apply for and what they understand about the tasks in position descriptions. This study sought to answer the questions: what factors are important for students in deciding about graduate employment in a library, and what do graduate students understand about graduate employment jobs in health sciences libraries? Methods: A think-aloud protocol was used. Participants read four graduate employment position descriptions and answered semi-structured interview questions about desire to apply for the positions and interest in health sciences librarianship. Results: Eighteen participants completed interviews. Interviews were coded anonymously and independently by the authors using grounded theory. Results report on responses to position characteristics; interest in job projects; decision to apply; and interest in health sciences. Conclusion: Graduate employment position descriptions can be improved to be more attractive to students by providing flexible work arrangements and allowing students to select projects that align with career aspirations. Many students are not exposed to health sciences librarianship during their program, once exposed, interest levels increased. © 2022 Elsevier Inc.



Heritage 0.0003
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General cultural dimension 0.0002
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