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Phillips C.


Equity work in a health sciences library

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Phillips C. Equity work in a health sciences library,Public Services Quarterly 18 2

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Abstract Diversity, equity and inclusion have become buzz words over the last year. While this is important, it is necessary that library staff do not move on from the vision of these words. Equity, much like the health of a person, is holistic. It is not just having a book club on race issues or celebrating Black History Month; equity is evaluating each aspect of the opportunities and power libraries and library staff possess and continually working toward a place of diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and tools that level the inequities. This paper will show how librarians and health equity fellows proactively carried out an initiative for health equity to support the campus vision, and translated this vision into practical steps that work toward equity for the community they serve. This work included acknowledging shortcomings, locating gift funds, conducting a needs analysis of the collection, providing resources and other services, and offering fellowships for graduated students to perform these duties. © 2022 The Author(s). Published with license by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.



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