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Williams J.


Mental Health Act 1983 assessments: The use of video technology

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Williams J. Mental Health Act 1983 assessments: The use of video technology,The Medico-legal journal 90 3

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Abstract Covid-19 requires practitioners to reflect on how they deliver health services. Using technology, in particular video technology, has increased, especially in primary care. This article considers the implications of technology for assessments under the Mental Health Act 1983. NHS Covid-19 guidance anticipated its use in assessments, but this was held to be unlawful. Is this the right decision or is it too restrictive an interpretation of the 1983 Act? The article argues that consideration should be given to the potential role, if any, of video technology in assessments and identifies some issues that need to be addressed. Use of these technologies should be part of the current review of the 1983 legislation.



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