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Baker I.S.; Turner I.J.; Kotera Y.


Role-play Games (RPGs) for Mental Health (Why Not?): Roll for Initiative

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Baker I.S.; Turner I.J.; Kotera Y. Role-play Games (RPGs) for Mental Health (Why Not?): Roll for Initiative,International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction

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Abstract COVID-19 has impacted the mental health of the general public negatively, associated with preventative measures, restricting life activities. These restrictions, such as the stay-at-home strategy, resulted in heightened stress, depression, loneliness, substance abuse, and domestic violence, violating people’s occupational and personal lives. During the pandemic, the demands for role-play games (RPGs) have increased: for example, the sales of “Dungeons & Dragons” tripled, underscoring the potential mental health benefits of such games. However, research into the mental health benefits of such games remains under-developed, needing more scientific attention. Accordingly, this commentary paper reviews the existing literature, and suggests areas for application and research about RPGs and mental health including psychotherapy, career guidance, education, and people with disabilities. Insights offered can help practitioners and researchers in RPGs and mental health conduct empirical research and develop alternative approaches for mental health in stressful times. © 2022, The Author(s).




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