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Author Quek, L., H.; White, A.; Low, C.; Brown, J.; Dalton, N.; Dow, D.; Connor, J., P.
Title Good choices, great future: An applied theatre prevention program to reduce alcohol‐related risky behaviours during Schoolies.

Quek, L. H., White, A., Low, C., Brown, J., Dalton, N., Dow, D., & Connor, J. P. (2012). Good choices, great future: an applied theatre prevention program to reduce alcohol‐related risky behaviours during Schoolies. Drug and Alcohol Review, 31(7), 897-902.

Keywords drug education program; schoolies; binge drinking; brief intervention; applied theatre; prevention
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Abstract Introduction and Aims. The contextual and temporal factors of post‐school celebratory events (‘Schoolies’) place young people at elevated risk of excessive drinking compared with other social occasions. This study investigates the impact of an applied theatre prevention program ‘Choices’ in reducing the risk of drinking and other risk behaviours during Schoolies celebrations. Design and Methods. Choices was delivered in the last term of Year 12 across 28 North Queensland schools. A total of 352 school leavers (43.1% male, mean age  = 17.14 years) completed a questionnaire at Whitsunday Schoolies, Queensland, Australia on 23–24 November 2010. Nearly 49% of respondents had attended Choices. The survey included measures of alcohol use, illicit drug use and associated problems during Schoolies and a month prior to Schoolies . Results. After controlling for gender and pre‐Schoolies drinking, school leavers who attended Choices were significantly less likely to report illicit drug use (OR  = 0.51, P 

Metodology Choices is a 50 min applied theatre prevention programperformed by CQCM students (voluntarily) to encour-age Year 12 students to make better choices about howthey party and behave during Schoolies. A series ofsafety messages addressing a range of issues, includingalcohol and illicit drug use, seeking help, safe sex, drinkdriving, liquor licensing, policing, services at Schooliesand looking after mates, were selected by the ChoicesCommittee. These safety messages are embeddedwithin skits, contemporary pop culture and music (e.g.Glee, Home and Away and Dr Phil). The performance isfollowed by a 20 min interactive forum to provide stu-dents with an opportunity to clarify information andsafety messages, as well as ask specific questions of theChoices panel (which includes alcohol and drugworker, sexual health worker, transport and main roadsworker and police officer).

Technique Multivariate analysis; Binary logistic regression; Statistics

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