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Eum Y., Yim J., Choi W.


Elderly health and literature therapy: A theoretical review

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Eum Y., Yim J., Choi W.; Elderly health and literature therapy: A theoretical review ;Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine vol:232 issue: 2 page:79

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Abstract Recently, the problems of old age have been discussed in terms of two aspects: preventive and therapeutic approach. The previous studies on the preventive aspect have been mostly concerned with the educational preparation for successful approach to elderly, directing focus toward the transitional period of the old age. Most research into the therapeutic aspect on the elderly diseases has focused on organic mental disorders such as dementia and functional mental diseases such as depression. This study aims to suggest the preventive and new therapeutic possibility in old people through combining the elderly health with literature. First, the research results regarding the social background for the elderly problems indicate that geriatric diseases increase in proportion to the increase of the population. Secondly, for the literature therapy, it is initially required to seek a comprehensive understanding about the health of the elderly through the phased consideration for the elderly problems. Thirdly, for the treatment of geriatric diseases by using literature, it is necessary to develop more active and integrative literature therapy than passive bibliotherapy. Literature therapy is the use of literature in the treatment of people with emotional or mental illness. Fourthly, theoretical approach should be considered for the health of the elderly and the literature therapy. From a literary approach, the literature therapy can help the study on geriatric diseases such as dementia and depression. Thus, the program for the health of geriatric issues and literature therapy should be developed as the next step in the future. © 2014 Tohoku University Medical Press.




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