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Id 211
Author Maini, L.,
Title Measuring creativity. Proposal for an index to measure the creativity of cities.

Maini, L. (2018). Measuring creativity. Proposal for an index to measure the creativity of cities. Brussels: KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business - Campus Brussels.

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Abstract The academic research on creativity and the creative economy has evolved considerably over the past twenty years. The critical role of cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in urban socio-economic development has received increasing recognition. Local actors, cultural practitioners and policy makers are in need of statistical tools which help assess the level of creativity of their cities. The main purpose of this work is to confirm the hypothesis that it is possible to provide a numerical estimate of such a complex and multidimensional concept. Therefore, this study first draws attention to the characteristics of the creative city. Then, it points out the importance of promoting CCIs policies in cities as key drivers of socio-economic development and sustainable growth. Finally, after a review of existing creativity indices, the study attempts to integrate the research on measuring the creativity of cities by proposing a new composite index. The empirical testing of the proposed index is carried out in the European capital cities. In the last section, conclusions of the study are drawn, providing interesting insights for future research.


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