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2113 View Arslan G.; Yıldırım M.; Zangeneh M.; Ak İ. Benefits of Positive Psychology-Based Story Reading on Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being 100.565
2270 View Chung E.Y.-H.; Tse T.T.-O. Effect of human library intervention on mental health literacy: a multigroup pretest–posttest study 101.235
2143 View Kearns D.M.; Walker M.A.; Borges J.C.; Duffy M.E. Can reading practitioners and researchers improve intensive reading support systems in a large urban school system? 119.171
2304 View Lozano H. Libraries as a Mental Health Resource 120.305
2145 View Peng Y.; Li Y.; Su Y.; Chen K.; Jiang S. Effects of group awareness tools on students' engagement, performance, and perceptions in online collaborative writing: Intergroup information matters 123.833
2147 View Song X.; Su Y.; Ren J.; Gong R. Effects of Group Awareness Tools on Student Engagement and Enjoyment in Online Collaborative Writing 124.26
2301 View Jenkins C.L.; Sykes S.; Wills J. Public Libraries as Supportive Environments for Children’s Development of Critical Health Literacy 125.177
2472 View Bastos Depianti J.R.; Borges Pessanha F.; Evangelista Cabral I. Applicability of Games to Children with Special Health Care Needs; Aplicabilidad de juegos a niños con necesidades de salud especiales 127.27
2786 View Eiraldi R.; McCurdy B.L.; Khanna M.S.; Wolk C.B.; Glick H.A.; Rabenau-McDonnell Q.A.; Comly R.; Rutherford L.E.; Banks J.; Rufe S.A.; Popkin K.M.; Wilson T.; Henson K.; Wandersman A.; Jawad A.F. Study protocol: cluster randomized trial of consultation strategies for the sustainment of mental health interventions in under-resourced urban schools: rationale, design, and methods 128.07
2324 View da Silva K.R.; de Souza F.G.; Bezerra A.P.L.; Oliveira B.A.S.; Gondim I.O. Public itinerant libraries: a strategy for democratizing access and health promotion; Bibliotecas itinerantes públicas: estratégia de democratização de acesso e promoção da saúde ; Bibliotecas públicas itinerantes: estrategia para democratizar el acceso y la promoción de la salud 129.777
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