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2224 View Esichaikul R.; Chansawang R. Community participation in heritage tourism management of Sukhothai historical park 79.3792
2235 View Sung M. Influences of Rural Heritage on Resident Participation in Community Activities: A Case Study of the Villages of Jeoji-ri and Handong-ri on Jeju Island, South Korea 105.798
2200 View Zhou T.; Zang T.; Jiang J.; Yang X.; Ikebe K. Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Social Participation Awareness on Urban Heritage Conservation: The Example of Suzhou, China 108.936
2746 View Escolà-Gascón Á.; Dagnall N.; Denovan A.; Maria Alsina-Pagès R.; Freixes M. Evidence of environmental urban design parameters that increase and reduce sense of place in Barcelona (Spain) 116.335
2230 View Chen Z.; Wan P.Y.K. Interdependence between community participation and sustainable livelihood development: community perspectives on heritage conservation in Macao 117.377
2188 View Foroughi M.; de Andrade B.; Roders A.P.; Wang T. Public participation and consensus-building in urban planning from the lens of heritage planning: A systematic literature review 118.216
2161 View Gallou E. Heritage and pathways to wellbeing: From personal to social benefits, between experience identity and capability shaping 118.45
3042 View Thwaites K.; Simpson J.; Heath P.; Mathers A.; Simkins I. Microenvironments: towards a socio-spatial understanding of territorial expression for urban design 119.972
2163 View Gallou E.; Uzzell D.; Sofaer J. Perceived place qualities, restorative effects and self-reported wellbeing benefits of visits to heritage sites: Empirical evidence from a visitor survey in England 120.568
1001 View Florian Carl ,Rosemond Kutsidzo Music a nd Wellbeing in Everyday Life: An Exploratory Study of Music Experience in Ghana 121.025
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