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2188 View Foroughi M.; de Andrade B.; Roders A.P.; Wang T. Public participation and consensus-building in urban planning from the lens of heritage planning: A systematic literature review 78.897
2194 View Jiang Y.; Zhang R. Characteristics of urban agricultural heritage sites: Policies and management methods for their conservation in China, Germany, and Italy 93.2848
2737 View Benyus J.; Dwyer J.; El-Sayed S.; Hayes S.; Baumeister D.; Penick C.A. Ecological performance standards for regenerative urban design 93.9807
2691 View Ke X.; Yang W.; Misheng L.; Ranting Z. Urban and architectural design from the perspective of flood resilience: framework development and case study of a Chinese university campus 96.5881
2230 View Chen Z.; Wan P.Y.K. Interdependence between community participation and sustainable livelihood development: community perspectives on heritage conservation in Macao 98.8109
2161 View Gallou E. Heritage and pathways to wellbeing: From personal to social benefits, between experience identity and capability shaping 100.925
2234 View Rodenberg J.; Wagenaar P.; Burgers G.-J. Calling on the community: Understanding participation in the heritage sector, an interactive governance perspective 102.885
2986 View Dessì V. Environment: A Bioclimatic Approach to Urban and Architectural Design in Sub-Saharan African Cities 103.173
3062 View Lucchi E. Regenerative Design of Archaeological Sites: A Pedagogical Approach to Boost Environmental Sustainability and Social Engagement 104.112
2782 View Nikoofam M.; Hoşkara S. Assessing the Consolidation of Equity in the Urban Environment: Proposing Design Strategies by Using a Systematic Process 104.299
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